Raybotix technologies aims at converting the energy needs of the World from the fossil fuels to the renewable sources of energy. We are constantly under the process of research and development of solar PV based systems.

We always aim at quality and precision. The company makes sure that the products used are the most efficient products and are reliable with a more predictable outcome. Our products and services are under the constant surveil- lance of our quality control team.

We train our staff for delivering the services with perfection and see to it that the promise made is delivered. We are mainly aimed at the Technology of the Solar Photo- Voltaic based systems and its application in Residential, Commer- cial, Industrial & Government purposes.



India, a country of 138 crore people, is seeing a dream of becoming Energy independent, that is, meeting the energy needs of its people by sources of energy available in the country itself. This will help us to eliminate the need of importing fossil fuels from foreign countries. Thus, directing the nation’s money in other important areas for the development of the nation. India’s age old dependency on fossil fuels for meeting its energy demands is now an obsolete idea, as along with its continuously decreasing availability, it is also one of the major sources of environmental pollution. The government of India is continuously working towards realizing this dream of Indian, by promoting the use of renewable sources of energy which are easily available in plenty in mother Nature.

Inspired by government initiatives, Dr. Jaineel Gandhi and Dr. Sharmeel Gandhi of Ahmedabad, also decided to join in this revolution and play their part towards a greener and cleaner mother nature. This is how, in 2016, they laid the foundation of, “Raybotix”. The company is situated in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, and is continuously working in the direction of this goal, which is in the eyes and hearts of Indians.

Raybotix gives its valuable services to develop not only the

  •  Solar farms
  •  Solar Epc projects
  •  Electric vehicle charging stations, but also
  •  The drones powered by Hydrogen fuel cells which use water as its base material.

The drones were previously run on batteries. The batteries can create land pollution when discarded. These new technology drones can be used by the police and paramilitary forces for surveillance with better payload capacity and more fly time than the conventional battery operated drones. For more information, contact Raybotix, Ahmedabad.