Realistic Mission Rehearsals and Tactical Exercises

Zen TacSim® is a force-on-force training system that enables conduct of ‘live’ exercises and mission rehearsals. Suitable for both outdoor and indoor training.

Soldier Harness

  • Rugged and robust
  • Body harness, helmet harness and leg harness
  • Detects location of hit : kill, injury and near miss
  • Integrated Laser Unit (ILU) for all small arms
  • Array of laser-detecting sensors
  • Hit indicator unit
  • GPS module
  • Communication module
  • Harness audio feedback module
  • Soldier input, output & display unit
  • Rechargeable power pack (Commercially Available Batteries)
  • Tamper proof features

Integrated Laser Unit

  • Light, simple and robust
  • Simulates firing by emitting laser pulse
  • Mounted on to the barrel or Sight
  • Quick zeroing of weapons
  • 3 triggering modes : Blank fire, gas or silent trigger
  • Firing modes: Single round, Three Round and Auto
  • Weapons: Pistol, Carbine, Rifle, LMG, MMG & Sniper, Rocket Launcher, MGL, AGL, ATGM
  • Configurable to exact range, trajectory, ballistics and terminal effects as per weapon and ammunition
  • Weapon de-activates once soldier harness is ‘killed’

Exercise Control (ExCon) Features

  • Mission Planning, ORBAT and entry of trainee details
  • Mission Scoring
  • Configuring, Planning, Conducting and Real-time
  • Monitoring of activity
  • Umpire Functions (Allot/re-allot Resources, Change Kill/injury/Health Status, Weapon and Ammunition Allocation
  • Map features, tactical marking and annotation
  • Artillery, Mortar and Mine Field features
  • Booby trap and IED features
  • Chemical, Biological and Radiation (CBR) features
  • After Action Review (AAR) supported by event log, data recording, replay, reports and analysis functions

Umpire Gun Features

  • Fitted with Open Sight for Aiming on Particular Trainee Configures & ‘Associates’
    body hamess and ILU
  • Kill, injure, near miss Medical Assistance (Revive) by umpire
  • Set/reset casualty, ammunition and weapon allocation

Add-on Modules

  • Indoor Tracking System (ITS) for indoor ‘live’ training
  • Communication Repeater Stations (for more range)
  • Simulated Hand Grenade, Land Mines, Booby Traps, Improvised Explosive Devices, Claymore Mine etc.
  • Armoured Combat Vehicle modules (Laser Emitter Unit, Sensor units, Interface Unit, Commander Display Unit and Pyrotechnics)
  • Combat vehicles with inner casualty determining unit
  • Sensor Unit for Passive Objects like Bunkers, Vehicles, Bridges and Buildings
  • Gas mask for CBR
  • 3D display of outdoor and indoor combat