Under Vehicle Search Mirror Scorpion™ 700611

We introduce Under Vehicle Search Mirror Scorpion™ 700611, which provides an excellent tool in hand of security personnel. These mirrors are useful for viewing any hidden object or pilferage material concealed or tied to the bottom of the vehicle. These helps in the inspection of vehicles like cars, jeep, bus, truck, and even under two wheelers etc.


  • Smooth wheels for easy movement
  • Around 28cm Convex Mirror for better coverage.
  • High Quality Briefcase for durability and easy transportation.
  • LED lights for night operation
  • Telescopic rod for handling (5feet).
  • Rechargeable battery with inbuilt charger.
  • Light Weight and easy to operate
  • Charge within 15 Days for 1 Hour.
  • Minimum 3 hours charging