Scorpion™ 700313 (Advance Touch Panel Operated)


  • Beam of light reaches almost 500 meters Approx (In Clear Weather).
  •  Halogen lamp of 55/ 50 watts.
  •  Length 250 mm and diameter 160 mm.
  • Works on maintenance free 12 Volts 7 AH rechargeable lead acid battery.
  •  Inbuilt battery charger. No need to carry extra charger. Just plug and charge. Can charge on AC voltage 230VAC +/- 15%.
  • Light weight with shoulder strap and pad for easy portability.
  • Weight almost 4 kgs.
  • Works as an emergency light in case of Mains failure.
  • High quality parabolic reflector, which gives a highly focused beam.
  • Timer, Flasher & Dimmer can be operated through touch panel.
  • Battery status indication, battery is cutoff when it is weak.
  • Nylon glass filled heavy-duty body with average wall thickness 2.5 mm. Body unbreakable. Rugged for rough and tough use in the field.
  • Rugged design for tough operating condition.
  • Major users – Para Military Forces, State Police, Railways, Defence Organizations, Forest, Mines & Heavy Industries etc.