Electronic Stethoscope MKC EM

The Electronic Stethoscope (for time based devices) is designed for the EOD field where it is necessary to detect mechanical clockworks fuses in objects suspected to contain explosives, also where weak sound waves have to be detected.

It detects Electronics Fuses, Electronics circuits, quartz mechanical watches, and cell Phones.This system works on high frequency and penetrates solid material like small bricks work, paper, plastic wood and similar dielectric packing material.

This stethoscope is of a very sturdy design fitted with splash water protection. The electronic casing is user friendly. The headphones are of military design and equipped with well-Padded ear pieces to suppress ambient noise. Also we have used Ni-Cd Maintenance free battery.

Technical Specifications


Contactless & Contact (Both).


Heavy Duty.


Amplification & selection of weak signal.

Frequency Range

2 Hz to 20KHZ.

Operating time

15 hours for contact less & 6 hours for contact with single charge.

Power Supply For Contactless

9.6V, 1000mA rechargeable Ni-Cd maintenance free battery

Power Supply For Contact

9V, 300mA rechargeable Ni-Cd maintenance free battery

Battery Charger

Charge battery within 3 hours for contact less &
1 hour for contact with given battery charger


1x10 5

Operating Temperature

 -10°C to 55°C