Car Remote Opening Tool Kit

Scorpion™ 700707

The car remote opening tool kit is commonly use by bomb squad personals in order to open doors, bonnet and other car – part which a common person cannot open easily without this kit. Made form premium and superior quality basis material. This kit contains door opener, leaver, pulleys, keys rope and lid openers.


1. Door Opening Clamp.
2. Trunk Lid Opening Screw Clamp.
3. Ignition Key Holder Screw Type (For Maruti)
4. Rivet Opener
5. Trunk Lid Opener.
6. Ignition Key Holder With Magnet.
7. Door Opener Common.
8. Hammer Ball Pane.
9. Door Opener Maruti.
10. Spanner Set Various Types.
11. Hubcap Opener.
12. Bonnet Cover Opener.
13. Stand Head Lifting Assembly.
14. Pulley.
15. Rope Nylon 20 Mtrs.
16. Rope Nylon 15 Mtrs.
17. Rope Nylon 10 Mtrs.
18. Pliers Side Cutting
19. Screw Driver 12” Long
20. Spring Clip Single End.
21. Spring Clip Double End.
22. Ring Large.
23. Ring Small.
24. Door Interlock Opener.
25. Hook Single.
26. Hook Double.
27. ‘ S’ Hook
28. Hook Single With Ring.
29. Triangular Window Opener.
30. Ring Medium.
31. Screw Driver Set.
32. Tripod Stand.
33. Carrying Case.
34. Operation Manual.